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Highly populated cities are the major contributors to the global climate crisis. It is made worse as they also produce a significant amount of waste that leads to degrading environmental conditions. Fortunately, more people are becoming conscious of the impact of their lifestyle choices and the demand for sustainability is higher than ever before. The best real estate in Nassau County is offering homes that follow sustainable guidelines that meet the high market standards.

Why is Long Island Environmentally Conscious?

Long Island is taking matters into their own hands. The recent policies demand a higher standard from businesses and consumers alike. This promotes sustainable initiatives such as providing clean energy solutions, sensitizing urban gardening, conserving water reservoirs, and encouraging sustainable building measures among others.

Eco-friendly initiatives help improve living conditions overall. They are aiming to improve the city’s air quality by implementing congestion pricing which will reduce the number of cars on the road. At the same time, they plan on improving the transit system and run a zero-emissions bus fleet.

Businesses are using this opportunity to rebrand themselves, boosting growth while benefiting the planet. Now we will look at some of the best eco-friendly instalments offered in homes for sale in Nassau County.

Constructions with Sustainable Building Materials

The building material is very important because using the right material reduces repair and maintenance costs drastically. There is a growing demand for natural building materials like bamboo, earth blocks, and reclaimed wood. Apart from having positive impacts on the environment, these materials reduce the initial costs of construction. Furthermore, they naturally keep the room warm and thus, reduce excessive energy consumption. The paint selection can also be improved upon by selecting paints free of VOC. It reduces air pollution resulting in a cleaner environment.

Community-Level Eco-Friendly Initiatives

A top real estate dealer in Hicksville claims that tenants living in a society where everyone collectively contributes to a greener future live a more fulfilled life. At a community level, there are recycling programs to segregate wastes at the household level. Some complexes also invest further in developing a composting and urban gardening program allowing everyone to participate positively in maintaining the environment and managing food waste.

Cultivating Natural Green Spaces

Preserving greenery is not only crucial for the environment, but it also plays an important part in the well-being of the tenants. All the top real estate in Long Island at the best price offers a well-maintained green space. They offer a space for relaxation and promote better air quality and reduce the impact of heat islands, a condition prevalent in urban areas. It also reduces energy consumption as it helps in keeping the apartment cool. These green spaces are also the sole refuge of native birds and insects in the area. In fact, by promoting native plants, the water requirement for maintaining such an area is also reduced.

Energy Efficient Fixtures

If you think the only way to be energy efficient is by using solar panels, you would be sorely mistaken. There are, in fact, several small steps you can take to reduce the overall energy consumption. First, ensure that all lightings are LED to optimize lighting. As a bonus improvement, install smart lights in common areas. Second, upgrade your appliances to energy star rated for minimum energy consumption. Make the best use of natural lighting with large windows and for better insulation, use sustainable materials such as hemp.

Implement Water Conservation Measures

Water conservation in properties can be of three types: one, it directly conserves water with the installment of low flow plumbing; second, they can have water harvesting systems in place to preserve water; third, a water cycling system will be repurposed in irrigation, toilet use, cleaning, etc. All the aforementioned methods help in judiciously and maximising the use of our water resources.


Making the world a better place is all of our responsibility. As cities grow, we need to be mindful in our choice of real estate. Buildings that are built on sustainable principles are the future. All the trusted real estate agents in Long Island offer sustainable, safe and future forward buildings for their clients. So, next time you are looking for a rental space that is environmentally friendly, check for energy and conservation methods, availability of green spaces, and utilisation of eco-friendly materials.

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