Homes For Sale in Suffolk County, NY

As real estate experts in Dix Hills, we present to you a carefully selected selection of residences that highlight the beauty and peace of the neighborhood. Dix Hills provides a wide variety of options for first-time purchasers and those looking for their ideal retirement residence. Pawa Realtor makes sure there is something for everyone; we'll make sure you find a home that suits your tastes and way of life. Start your retirement or a new chapter in homeownership in Dix Hills now.

Real Estate in Suffolk County


518 Half Hollow Rd, Dix Hills


118 Bagatelle Rd, Melville


1 Duchess Ct, Dix Hills


400 Oakwood Road, Huntington


250 North Fehr Way, Bayshore


19 Burt Ave, Northport

8 Chatham Place, Dix Hills

8 Chatham Place, Dix Hills

Frequently Asked Questions

Are home prices dropping in Nassau County NY?

Home prices saw an 8.2% increase over the same month compared to the previous year. In contrast to 39 days the previous year, properties in Nassau County got sold after 28 days on the market.

What is the average price of a house in Nassau County?

Homes in Nassau County were sold for a median price of $703K in December 2023. In December of this year, 790 residences were sold, compared to 918 the previous year.

How can I find houses for sale in Nassau County, NY?

To find houses for sale in Nassau County, use a variety of real estate websites or enlist the assistance of a reputable realtor like Pawa Realtor. A reputable real estate company such as Pawa Realtor can offer you personalized guidance and understanding. To make informed decisions when searching for the perfect Long Island property, attend open houses and stay informed about market trends.

Are there any new developments or upcoming constructions in Nassau County, NY?

There are a plethora of projects that are going on in Nassau County. You can easily find the best properties through our website. You can also give us a call and we will handhold you through the entire process of buying your dream home.

How do I choose the right neighborhood in Nassau County, NY for my family?

Choosing the right neighborhood can be a bit tricky. Always look for a neighborhood that is safe and has a lot of essential facilities (e.g. hospitals, schools etc.). The employment opportunities are also an imperative factor to choose where to stay. Consult with a real estate professional to find out the perfect neighborhood for you. In general, Great Neck Gardens, Lake Success are known for their safe neighborhoods.

What financing options are available for buying a home in Nassau County, NY?

Buyers with varying credit histories and income levels can apply for a range of loan programmes, such as FHA, VA, and HECM reverse mortgages. Pawa Realtor can assist you in locating the mortgage assistance programme that best fits your requirements if you need a loan but are unsure where to start.