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About Dhiraj Pawa

Dhiraj Pawa is one of the most renowned faces in the New York real estate market. He brings a plethora of expertise and experience to the table for the company. His commitment and strategic acumen have played a pivotal role in molding the company's remarkable trajectory. Trust a seasoned leader with a solid track record to buy the perfect property for yourself.

Dhiraj's hands-on approach stems from his conviction that your happiness is the measure of his success. He aspires to exceed your expectations rather than just fulfilling them. Referrals are the greatest compliment in his book since they demonstrate his clients' satisfaction and trust.

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Our Services


The expertise & key insights that he brings, will help you take better decisions to Buy and Sell houses.


If you are thinking of Buying home, Dhiraj Pawa should be your Best and Only choice. He uses cutting edge technology so that you can get your perfect home in no time.


Dhiraj makes the marketing plan based on facts & market trends. If you want to Sell your house, he will personally tour your home. Based on his knowledge and experience, he will provide you with a Free Assessment of your Property and the best Selling Estimate.

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With his unmatched negotiating skills, Dhiraj has built a strong client base with Sellers, Buyers, Investors & Tenants.

Significance of Real Estate Solutions

The real estate market in New York has always been very active. Pawa Realtor understands the difficulties that customers encounter while searching for homes for sale in Long Island. So we provide specialized services to successfully negotiate the complexities of the real estate market.

Understanding the Local Market

Pawa Realtor’s strategic approach is guided by a thorough examination of numerous localities, including important trends and opportunities. We use statistical insights into trends and opportunities to do thorough market analyses. For example, recent data shows that property values in Nassau County have increased by 10% year over year, highlighting the necessity of a tailored approach for purchase and sell.

Why Invest in Long Island?

Long Island offers an unparalleled tapestry of experiences: 

Thriving Communities: Find neighborhoods that suit your lifestyle; you can also opt for bustling downtowns. Long Island has everything you need. According to data, 93% of Long Islanders report feeling a sense of community.
Top-Rated Schools: Make sure your kids attend world-class schools in each of the three counties. 23 of the USA’s top 1000 high schools are located on Long Island.
Culture: Discover a wide range of arts, entertainment, and cuisines in this cultural melting pot that has something to offer everyone. Long Island boasts a robust cultural environment that includes world-class museums and lively festivals.

Why Pawa Realtor?

Unparalleled Expertise

Our team, led by the visionary Dhiraj Pawa, has a long history and unmatched competence in the Long Island real estate market. Gain from market knowledge, strategic insights, and a successful track record. Our staff, which is led by the driven and skilled Dhiraj Pawa, has a 98% client satisfaction rating.

Tailored Real Estate Solutions

Real estate dreams become success stories at Pawa Realtor, where we take pride in providing individualized services. Testimonials from satisfied customers highlight the business’s dedication to providing custom solutions that go above and beyond.

The Pawa Realtor Experience

Understanding of particular real estate environments e.g., homes for sale in Nassau County along with successful case studies, shows how adept Pawa Realtor is in negotiating a variety of markets and achieving effective results. Pawa Realtor’s success is largely attributed to its unrelenting dedication to client satisfaction. This section demonstrates how the business regularly goes above and beyond to build enduring relationships with customers.

Local Expertise

Dhiraj is always up-to-date on the subtle differences between every community, school system, and undiscovered areas. He has a thorough knowledge of the real estate market and the homes that are for sale in Suffolk County and in other parts of Long Island.

Technology Integration

Pawa Realtor’s operating efficiency is improved by the smooth integration of cutting-edge equipment and technology.

Personalized Approach

Dhiraj personally curates a tailored search, negotiating fiercely on your behalf to secure the perfect property at the optimal price.

With a solid track record and a well-defined objective, Pawa Realtor is a pillar in the real estate industry. The company was founded with an unwavering dedication to quality, and it has consistently set industry standards by offering the best real estate solutions.

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